Thrice Twisted


First order of buisiness

Thrice Twisted seeks donations for the purchase of a AuraCloud™ 3D

imaging system for the study of aura energy in relation to spell casting.

the link above is the equipment we seek to purchase

The link right above is to an introduction to Kirlian photogaphy

Documentary on the human aura above

the above link is for a visiual of what this is capable of. I'm sure you can see

how such a set up can help in the further understanding of energy manipulation.

There is also some very good mundane opportunity to raise cash for further research in the time that is not being used for said research.

So not only would this investment be an income for further studies, it would be a great asset to the study of energy, and how it affects the aura as a spell in being cast and as a spell is being received. I hope you can see how this would help us in research of magic and help us offset the cost with donations of any amount.

Thank-you Magi Erich

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